For over 40 years, Shape Industries has been helping designers, architects and industry leaders bring their projects to life. Whether its simple proof-of-concept products to large public initiatives, we are ready and excited to take your project from concept to production.


Our focus is long lasting mutual relationships.

Started in 1982, by Ryan Smith, Shape Industries Inc. has become one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of public space furniture, amenities, agricultural parts, automotive parts, and much more! Located in the heart of the prairies, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Shape has delivered work to customers all over the world. To our customers, we are considered custom label manufacturers, partners, and life long friends. We value our clients, we value our products, we value our employees, but most importantly, we value our relationships.

“Four years ago I showed up at Shape Industries with no idea how to make what I needed and a hand-drawn sketch. Luckily, that didn’t matter because they treated me as if I was an established customer from day one. They gave our business the flexibility to grow as they were a one-stop shop for all of our custom prototyping and manufacturing needs. Whether you’re a startup or a business with an existing product, Shape can help you bring your ideas to life.”

Jeremy Darvill