Shape Industries is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; the heart of the prairies and the geographic centre of North America.

With humble beginnings, we have proudly grown from our original 1,000 square foot building to a well-equipped, modern manufacturing facility of over 90,000 square feet.

We have carefully structured our manufacturing plant and office to flow from conceptual design to production, delivery, and installation. With all services housed under one roof, our process is efficient, and our communication network is direct.

All projects will start at our shipping/ receiving department where materials, parts, equipment and machinery enters the building. From there, projects flow through our facility in the order of necessary operations. This regularly includes work in the machine and metal shop, followed by the welding bays, polishing/ grinding, paintline, woodshop, sublimation, upholstery, and stone cutting areas. We strive to create an organic flow for our processes and services throughout the shop.

Our facility also houses the behind-the-scenes support that our clients have come to depend on. From questions directed to our Customer Service, Accounting, and Human Resources Departments, to our Design and Drafting and Sales and Marketing teams, we are capable of managing your project from concept to installation.